Artificial Intelligence in CRM
Individuals and customers now expect a unique experience—they don’t want to be treated like a generic customer. They want contextualized, personalized, and connected experiences, with all their interactions with a business tied together.

Source: MIT Technology Review
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A Trillion-Dollar Boost: The Economic Impact of AI on Customer Relationship Management
This White Paper uses IDC market data, IDC's AI/CRM Economic Impact Survey of 1,028
organizations worldwide, and 20 years of IDC's economic impact modeling to forecast how AI will affect the global economy.

It forecasts business revenue growth and job creation (or destruction)
based on AI applied to customer relationship management (CRM) activities.

Source: IDC
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Artificial Intelligence for CRM A field guide to everything you need to know
Smarter Marketing: A new level of precision and personalization, brought about
by smarter machines using data more intelligently, applies
to marketing as well.

An AI-enabled marketer can reach every customer at the right time, knows the best
audience for every campaign, and delivers the perfect content for every customer.

Salesforce_AI for CRM A field guide to e
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Customer Experience Meets AI
A new day is dawning for the customer experience, driven by the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automated technologies to CRM data. The potential exists to transform the customer’s experience by providing service in a more predictive and intuitive way than ever before.

Source: MIT Technology Review Custom
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10 Things Everyone Should Know About Machine Learning
Machine learning is about data and algorithms, but mostly data. There’s a lot of excitement about advances in machine learning algorithms, and particularly about deep learning. But data is the key ingredient that makes machine learning possible. You can have machine learning without sophisticated algorithms, but not without good data.

Source: Daniel Tunkelang
10 Things Everyone Should Know About Mac
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Is Your Company Behind In Adopting A.I. For CRM
Is your organization moving fast enough to adopt AI technologies? Or are your competitors pulling ahead ahead of you? Within Artificial CRM specifically, 50% of business activity is already executed in the cloud.

Forbes - Is Your Company Behind In Adopt
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